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Located in metro Detroit, we produce digitally printed interior décor products including custom wallpaper and photographic wall murals that we ship across the country and the world.

What kind of wallpaper do you use?
We use five types of wallpaper: economy wallpaper, traditional wallpaper, embossed suede wallcovering, artist canvas wallcovering and a repositionable fabric wallcovering. Our economy and traditional wallpaper is the most like the wallpaper that you’d find at a decorator or home improvement store; both have a smooth, flat finish. It is a latex saturated, wet-strength tear-resistant paper that is highly durable. The main difference between the economy material and the traditional wallpaper is a nylon reinforcement present in the traditional material; this makes that material even more tear resistant during installation.

Our embossed suede wallcovering has a higher end finish due to its subtle texture. This material also has a synthetic fabric backing which keeps each wallpaper panel quite rigid, and therefore easier to install.

Our artist canvas wallcovering is just that, canvas which has been coated to receive our inks.  It has the same look and feel of traditional artist canvas that is used for stretched paintings, but is dimensionally stable and suitable for your wall.  All of these materials require a pre-mix clear adhesive.

Our repositionable fabric wallcovering has the most matte finish of the wallpaper we offer. It has the look and feel of an engineered cotton, but most importantly, it does not require an additional adhesive. The material itself has a low-tack adhesive that allows the material to be adhered to most any smooth, flat surface, then removed and adhered again and again. This is great if you live in an apartment or dorm and plan on moving, or if your installation is only for a short term.

All of our wallpaper materials are rated Class A for smoke and flame spread, and may therefore be used in any interior space you choose.

How is the custom wallpaper produced?

Our custom wallpaper is produced on a digital printer that outputs at 720 dpi for maximum color consistency and tone, while also utilizing archival based inks that are waterproof and UV light resistant.  Therefore our products may be cleaned using a soft cloth and diluted, mild soap.

How is the custom wallpaper installed?

Our wallpaper is installed just like mass produced wallpaper.  We recommend a pre-mixed clear adhesive that is usually sold at most home improvement sores.

Your image is scaled to full size, and then produced in panels to create the full image.  Our wallpaper panels are roughly 4 ½ feet wide by however tall your wall is, which cuts down on seeming.  We provide an inch of bleed around the perimeter of the image to ensure enough material for coverage, and add 2 inches of overlap between panels for double cutting.

What is double cutting?

 This refers to the type of wallpaper installation where one panel of wallpaper is hung, and the next corresponding panel is overlapped over it (in our case 1 ½ inches).  Then, a straight edge is applied and a blade cuts through both panels of wallpaper at the same time.  The strips of waste are removed, and you’re left with the most invisible seem possible.


Can you help me locate a wallpaper hanger?
Our most trusted way to refer you to a local wallpaper hanger is through the National Guild of Professional Paper Hangers (  Wallpaper installers who join the guild adhere to its strict policy of quality and professionalism.  Another quality source for wallpaper hangers is, which is also an abundant and trusted resource for anything wallpaper related.

If you request, we will assist you in locating a qualified professional in your area.  We will provide you with the installer’s pertinent contact information.  All monies and quotations for installation will run between you and the installer.  That is, you pay us for the wallpaper and you pay the wallpaper installer to install it.

What is your level of experience?
Great Wall’s principals have not only strong backgrounds in wide format digital printing, but also fine arts backgrounds as well.  As artists we are more than confident in our level of craftsmanship in creating custom wallpaper, and are comfortable working with anyone from private homeowners to design professionals.  Rest assured that our keen eye for composition and detail ensures the quality of our wallpaper is the highest in the industry.

How long does the order process take?
Standard wall murals purchased on our site will ship within 3-5 days from order.  For custom wall murals, from the time that we have final image approval as well as payment/shipping information, we’ll have your order out to FedEx within 3-5 business days.

How long does it take to ship?
Depending on your location, FedEx Ground will have your order delivered within 1-5 business days.  Please call to make special arrangements for expedited shipping.

How do I pay for your services?
You have three methods of payment.  Once you’ve placed a product in your shopping cart, you may check out using your credit card.  We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.  You may also elect to pay by using your PayPal account.

You may also order offline by calling us toll-free at 877-544-1054, and we can take all of your information over the phone.  This is the standard method for any orders where you use your own image, or would simply prefer offline as opposed to online.  

Do you print on anything else other than wallpaper?

Absolutely.  Our printing technology also allows us to print to paper, banner vinyl, self-adhesive vinyl and even cotton and other fabrics.  Please call our toll-free line for additional information and applications

How do I use my own photo or design for a custom wall mural?

The process is simpler than you may think.  Here is the run-down:

Step 1: Send us the image, your desired dimensions for the mural, and your contact information.  Digital files may be uploaded on our custom mural order page.  In some cases, your image may be too large to upload, and we will instruct you how to transmit the image to us.  Prints of photographs may be mailed to us as well.

Step 2: We’ll review the image to make sure it is suitable for mural-size reproduction.

Step 3: We’ll email you the results of your image’s review.  If it may be produced as a mural, we’ll provide you with pricing.

Step 4: Once you have reviewed our findings and pricing, call our toll-free line with shipping/payment information.

Step 5:Your order will be filled and shipped within 3-5 business days after we have your final print approval.


What if I want an original piece commissioned?
We have full design services available.  Our talented team of design specialists can create a look for you based on your suggestions and interests.  This service is provided on a quotation basis and a design deposit is required...a worth while venture to get that one of a kind finished product.