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At Great Wall, we produce all of our custom wallpapers in house, so we are the perfect partner for design professionals: we keep costs down and maintain strict levels of quality. If you are an Interior Designer, Architect, or Art Consultant, we offer discounts to the trade that accommodate large and small runs of digitally printed wallpaper for both residential and contract markets.

If you are an Artist or Photographer looking to launch your own line of designer wallpaper, let us be your print provider. We value these partnerships immensely and we provide the best service and support to get your line of the ground and running. From consulting on the front end, to production of samples for swatch books, to order fulfillment and drop shipping, our mission is to provide our wealth of experience to help your line become a success. We have helped launch numerous wallpaper lines and know what it takes to satisfy your clientele in the demanding field of high-end interior design.

Please fill out the form below to begin the conversation, or contact us toll free at 1.877.544.1054. We’ll send you a sample pack of pre-printed custom wallpaper samples and lay the foundation for the production end of your venture. To get our preferred reseller pricing, we simply need a completed W9 form faxed to 1.248.544.1055. We look forward to working with you!

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