Announcing the Relaunch of Great Wall!

We are thrilled to announce our relaunch, and excited to share our vision of using wall murals to decorate your home. But before we talk about the new mural designs, let's take a quick look back...

Great Wall was originally launched in September 2004 - almost 15 years ago! Our initial assortment of photographic murals was inspired by the kitschy fun of 70's murals - forest scenes and tropical vistas. After growing our business for nearly 8 years, we pivoted to patterns, and launched The Detroit Wallpaper Co. back in 2012, which immediately took off and became quite popular. 

Later, in 2017, we launched our trade-only wallpaper line for design professionals, Westfall & Kitson, which is represented by design showrooms across the country.

During this time of exciting growth and new product development, our original site Great Wall was dormant, waiting for new life...and that day has come! Gone are the scores of images we offered before, as we zeroed in and curated a smart selection of mural designs that we love - botanical designsvintage prints and artwork, abstract designsFar Eastern artwork, scientific illustrations, and city maps that we feel are the trendsetting vision for murals in 2019.

This selection of mural imagery is very personal and dear to us, as the elements have slowly been jelling for nearly 9 years, the last time Great Wall was updated.

So tuck in to our offerings and discover how you can use murals to create a space that is unique, cool, and unapologetically you! We love the new look of our site, and hope you enjoy it, too!